HTML Snip Editor
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PageSnip includes an integrated HTML editor that you can use to change the content of your snip.

The screen for the PageSnip HTML Editor looks like this:


The PageSnip HTML Editor screen is made of three areas:

The Toolbar


The toolbar has these buttons:

The Save button exits the Editor and updates the snip on your computer.

The Cancel button exits the Editor without saving your changes.

Note: If you click the Cancel button you will see this warning:

If you click Yes then any changes you made will be lost.

If you click No then you will remain in the Editor.

The Toolbar Mode lets you change between the Basic (default) toolbar and the Advanced toolbar.

The Basic Toolbar

Click here for details on the Basic toolbar

The Advanced Toolbar

Click here for details on the Advanced toolbar

Changing the Editor body width

The Editor Settings make it possible to reformat the width of the Editor area for a better presentation of your content.

Sometimes when you take a snip that was formatted for a narrow column, and you view it at full screen width it becomes more difficult to read.

PageSnip lets you change the width of the editor so that the visual presentation is suitable for your content.

The default value is 100% of the screen width.

If you want to change it, enter a new number, select the unit of measure (the default is % "percentages") and click the Update button to reformat the content.

The units of measure are:

% - a percentage of the screen width
px - a specific width in pixels
em - a unit of measure equal to the point size of the current font

Click the Update button to apply the changes and reformat the Editor content.

Click this button to have PageSnip save your changes to the Editor width and use them in the next editing session.

This unique feature makes it possible for you to change the content view from this:

to this:


Changing the display settings for the snip

Once you have adjusted the width of a snip to a size that works best with your content you can save those settings with the snip. Then PageSnip will use those width settings when it displays that snip again - even outside of the editor.

Saving the settings

Click this button to save the current editor width settings with the snip that is loaded in the editor.

When you click the button you will see this message:


Removing the settings

Click this option to remove the stored settings from the snip.

When you click the button you will see this message:


After you have saved a custom width when you return to the snip display the new settings will be used.